Lightload Jekyll Theme

A crisp, clean, pure Jekyll theme free of gaudy icons and superfluous imagery. Colors and fonts are customizable.


A sample site with in-example documentation is available here.




  1. Clone or fork a copy from github at
  2. cd ~/thatPlaceYouPutIt
  3. jekyll build
  4. jekyll serve
  5. Point your browser to localhost:4000

Site directory structure

Pages go in the root directory, articles go into the wiki/ folder.

Specify the contents of the navigation menu by editing _data/navigation.yml.

Font & color customization

See Theme Configuration for details.

Custom Liquid Tags

Have added, er borrowed, a few Liquid template tags

<span class="newthought">When in the course of human events</span>

When in the course of human events

<figure class='fullwidth'><img src='/assets/image/platonic-solids.jpg'/><figcaption>The 5 Platonic Solids</figcaption></figure>
The 5 Platonic Solids

Notes about quotes in Liquid tags

The custom Liquid tags are designed to simplify writing content and displaying it with the tufte-css look. Here are a few notes on using quotes inside the tags.